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Heart Shaped Cavy Bed Heart Shaped Cavy Bed

Check out this cute little heart bed for your cavy! Made of scratch resistant material and perfect for your little loved one to cuddle in!

Dimensions: 7.08" x 8.66"
One Color Left - Gray

Starting At: $8.95
Ware Mfg Natural Pine Wood Lounging Pet Logs Ware Mfg Natural Pine Wood Lounging Pet Logs

Lounging Logs are made of all natural pine and feature a unique bendalble design that allows them to be used in a multitude of ways. They make a comfortable floor cover or can be used as a safe door/ramp cover. Bend them into tunnel shapes and more. Safe for small critters that chew.
Comes in 2 sizes: Medium (11" x 7" x 1") and Large (19"x10"x1")

Starting At: $8.95
More Colorful Play Tunnels More Colorful Play Tunnels

Give your bunny, cavy or any small animal a fun tunnel to play in! Comes with 2 dangle toys on the tunnel. Perfect for your jumping obstacle course too!
Dimensions: 9.84" x 19.69" Long
Comes in 6 colors: Camo, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Orange Polkadot, Yellow Polkadot and Purple Polkadot

Starting At: $9.95

Ware Best Buy Bungalow Ware Best Buy Bungalow

These durable, all natural Best Buy Bungalows are made of plywood and are safe for small animals to chew. They provide small pets with a fun place to play and hide and provide a sense of safety and security. Their special stacking design helps conserve shelf space.

Starting At: $12.95
Super Pet Color Nest Wove Mat - Large Super Pet Color Nest Woven Mat - Large

A perfect place for your small animal to rest!
Comes in assorted colors - Yellow, Red, Blue, Green

Starting At: $12.95
Ware Critter Timbers Bark Bungalow Ware Critter Timbers Bark Bungalow - Large

Critter Timbers Bark Bungalow by Ware Mfg. is a cozy critter hideout made of all natural bark covered wood. They offer an irresistible chew surface as well as providing a comfortable resting spot that offers a sense of safety and security.

Starting At: $28.95