Illness/Treatment Suggestions

The illnesses listed below can most commonly be treated with over the counter medications. Other, more serious illnesses must be
treated and receive prescription drugs as instructed by an exotic specialist veterinarian. Proper diagnosis can be difficult in rabbits. If
you are unsure what is wrong with your rabbit or small animal, seek a veterinarian immediately. All Things Bunnies Inc does not accept any
responsibility or liability for consumer use/misuse or effectiveness of these suggested remedies. All use of these products is at the
consumer's own risk.
CoccidiosisLost of Appetite/weight,Do not place foodToltrazuril 5%ORALLY: .18cc/ml per 1LB ofMED132
diarrhea that is soft,and hay on the(used as a cure forweight
watery or even jelly bottom of the cases)1-2 treatments required
like. Pot-belliedSoiled or wet hay andResults within 24 hours
appearance, pain infeed should be
the abdomen. Theremoved from theTreat once and then again
rabbit may becomecage frequently.after 24 hours
dehydrated and weakWash hands before/
after handling. KeepThis product is non-harmful to
water fresh. Washthe host (animal) It only kills
vegetables.the coccidia parasite. There
is no requirement for pro-biotics
as this product does not contain
Wry Neck/Head TiltRabbits head will tilt toReduce stress which canPanacur RabbitORALLY: 1 Gradation per 2.2kg ofMED124
(E. Cuniculi)one sidetrigger the onset rabbit for 20 consecutive days
DiarrheaDroppings are wetter -Do not give treatsLogic Diar-Stop1 Gradation per 2-7kg animal -1mlMED140
not fully formed (not toRemove food for 12in AM and 1ml in PMMED245
be confused withhours. Feed plenty of
cecotropes)hay and fresh waterOasis Wet Tail DropsMix 15ml with 2oz of waterMED250
only. If your animal still
has diarrhea use
medical treatments
HairballsStools strung togetherRegular groomingPaypaya (used as a1-2 diced pieces per dayTRT134
Furballsresembling a string ofCheck your rabbits dietpreventative)
pearls. Sudden changesRabbits typically doPineapple (used as a 1-2 diced pieces per dayTRT189
in eating habits ornot have hairballls butpreventative)
refusal to eat. Lethargyhair can collect in the
stomach due to improper
diet and reduced
gastrointestinal mobility
SEE Dietary Supplements
to Promote Intestinal
Health listed below
Cuts/WoundsBleeding/open cuts orHandle your rabbitF10 Germicidal SpraySpay directly on the woundMED240
woundsproperly. Remove objectsManuka G Sterile Honey Apply topically to woundMED281
that can injure.Wound Dressing
Nail TrimmingCut a nail past the quickMiracle Care Kwik Stop Styptic GelApply directly to the toenailMED242
Remedy+Recovery StypticApply directly to the toenailMED103
Kwik Stop StypticApply directly to the toenailMED206
Eye InfectionsWatery eyes or whiteChange litter in yourTerramycin EyeIN EYE: 2 times per day for 5MED208
discharge from eyes.nestbox frequently.Ointmentdays in infected eye(s)
Eyes may be mattedDisinfect your cages
shut - more common inregularly
newborn kits
Sore HocksRaw, red, irritated andUse plastic resting matsResting MatsPlace on bottom of cageREST100
even bleeding sores onin your cages for your
the bottom of the feetrabbits to rest onNaylor - Blu-Kote DauberApply to bottom of feetMED137-0001
(usually the back feet)Exercise your rabbitsNaylor - Blu-Kote PumpApply to bottom of feetMED137-0002
regularlyNaylor - Blu-Kote AerosolApply to bottom of feetMED137-0003
Farnam Wound KoteApply to bottom of feetMED253
Happy Jack Pad KoteApply to bottom of feetMED252
Cold/SneezingDischarge from eyesIsolate rabbits with BunnymycinIN NOSE: 2 drops in eachMED199
or Snufflesand nose; sneezing;these symptoms so as not nostril 2X day for 3 days. Wait
(not to belabored breathing;to spread the disease 3 days and repeat as
confused withwheezingshould it be Pasteurella necessary
Pasteurella) Seek a veterinarian if youVetRXIN NOSE: 2 drops in eachMED102
are unsure nostril 2X day until symptoms
Clean and disinfect cages are gone
frequentlyDr. Cheek's YQ+0.5 oz-1.0 oz per head per dayFD183
Vent DiseaseLesions, Ulcers and/orCheck the genitals ofGo-Dry Pen-GAT SITE: Apply to affectedMED123
The rabbit form of Scabs surrounding theany rabbit that you willarea 1X day for 5 days
syphilis. Can begenitals. Rabbits canbe breeding your rabbit(All Things Bunnies does not
contracted byinfect themselves on theto prior to breedingassert that this method cures
breeding and/ornose, eyelids and mouthvent as the short term action
showingdue to cleaning.Do not breed your rabbitof Pen-G does not kill the virus)
Decreased conceptionif it has an active case
ratesof ventCombi Pen 48INJECTABLE: SubcutaneousCustom Order
Unusual loss of litters/kits.1ml/cc per pound. Not Available
Continuously watery eyes1 injection in the excess skinin all States
above the shoulder every
7 days for 3 treatments
This method kills the virus
AnxietyFear, Aggression, LungingWork with your rabbitSit Tight by Oxy-GenPASTE: 2ml/cc up to 4LB FD144
Bitingevery day. Never shout (used when showingPELLETS: 1/16 - 1/4oz per day up to
at or hit your rabbit. Doyour rabbit)5LB of rabbit
not force their affection
Do not leave your rabbitPet Remedy Natural MED235
in a cage for long periodsDe-Stress and Calming SpraySpray near animal, not on the animalMED236
of timeDiffuserPlug in DiffuserMED237
Stress/Not EatingNot wanting to eat dueProvide a secure homeImmunize1/16-1/4oz for rabbits up to 5LBFD143
to stress/travel/showsfor your rabbit. GiveGut Pro by Oxy-Gen5cc per rabbit/every 4 hoursFD175
freedom of will. KnowOxbow Critical CareUse water to make a pasteMED133
the things that will stressEmeraid IC HerbivoreCalculated by weightMED265
your rabbit and prevent.Emeraid Sustain HerbivoreCalculated by weightMED272
Pro-Bios.5gm per 5LBMED104
Bene-Bac.5gm per 5LBMED116
Rowe Enhance Pro Defend4 grams per gallon of waterFD165
Aqua-Vite1/2 tsp/gallon for stressMED278
HomeoPet Digestive UpsetsDosage based on weightMED283
CilantroPut different things in front of
Yogurt, Applesauceyour rabbit to tempt them to
Toast, Pumpkinstart eating
Fur ConditionLack of condition in furFeed your rabbit a goodOxy-Gen1/16-1/4oz per day under 5LBFD140
Supplementscoat and flesh16% Protein feed, plenty 1/8-1/2 oz per day over 5LB
of hay and fresh waterCircqlate1/16-1/4oz per day under 5LBFD141
1/8-1/2 oz per day over 5LB
Rowe Muscle Max1tsp per dayFD164
Use of these productsRowe Gold Plus1-2tsp per dayFD163
will enhance rabbitsHeinold Doc's Rabbit Enhancer1/2 - 1.5oz daily topdress on foodFD133
for showWheat Germ Oil1/4tsp topdress daily on foodFD130
Raw Wheat Germ1/4tsp topdress daily on foodFD176
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds1/4tsp topdress daily on foodFD177
RehydrationStress/Illness/TravelOxbow Critical CareUse water to make a pasteMED133
ElectrolytesProtexin Bio-Lapis1 Sachet to food or water per dayMED200
Rowe Hydra-Lyte1/2tsp per gallon of waterFD166
AgriLabs Vitamins andMix 4oz to 1 gallon of waterMED205
Bovidr Nutri-Drops1ml/cc per 3-6LB of rabbitMED251
Aqua-LyteMix 1/2tsp per gallon of waterMED262
Vitamins/Minerals AgriLabs Vitamins andMix 4oz to 1 gallon of waterMED205
Himalayan Salt LicksToss one in your animals cageTRT162
Salt SavorsToss one in your animals cageTRT165/TRT195
Bovidr Nutri-Drops1ml/cc per 3-6LB of rabbitMED251
Oasis Hamster Vita Drops2 drops per ounce of waterMED282
Oasis Guinea Pig Vita Drops2 drops per ounce of waterMED280
Aqua-Vite1/4 tsp/gallon for general healthMED278
Dietary SupplementsPro-Fibre for RabbitsSprinkle on top of foodMED202
to Promote Pro-Fibre for Cats/DogsSprinkle on top of foodMED273
Intestinal HealthFibreplexORALLY: 1ml/cc per 2.2lb of rabbitMED150
3X per day as needed
Dr. Cheek's YQ+0.5 oz-1.0 oz per head per dayFD183
High Quality Timothy HayFree feedFD105
Sunseed Timothy Hay CubesFree feedFD185
Timothy Blend Hay CubesFree feedFD129
Alltech Acid-Pak 4 Way 2X1/3 tsp per gallon of waterMED267
Regutum Fiber Care for RabbitsPellets: Use as directed by weightMED276
Regutum Fiber Care for Cats/DogsPowder: Use as directed by weightMED274
Regutum Probiotic Paste for RabbitsPaste: Use as directed by weightMED277
Rugutum Probiotic Paste for Cats/DogsPaste: Use as directed by weightMED275
Fur MitesMissing patches of fur orRegularly worm yourPanacur RabbitORALLY: 1 Gradation per 2.2kg ofMED124
flakey skin (usually white)rabbits every 2-3 months rabbit for 9 consecutive days
Rabbit is scratching a lot Beaphar Spot On for RabbitsTOPICAL: 1 Pipette down the MED225
topline of the rabbit (head to rear)
Durvet IvermectinORALLY: Small pea size amountMED109
SafeguardORALLY: Small pea size amountMED222
Beaphar Spot On forTOPICAL: 1 Pipette down the MED279
Hamsters/Gerbilstopline of the animal (head to rear)
Ear MitesRabbit has loss of Regularly worm yourBio-Groom Ear MiteApply drops in each earMED216
balance and/or rabbits every 2-3 months Treatment
scratching at ears
Worms/WormingWeight LossRegularly worm yourPanacur RabbitORALLY: 1 Gradation per 2.2kg ofMED124
Worms in Fecesrabbits every 2-3 monthsrabbit for 9 consecutive days
Beaphar Spot On forTOPICAL: 1 Pipette down the MED270
Hamsters/Gerbilstopline of the animal (head to rear)
Beaphar Spot On forTOPICAL: 1 Pipette down the MED225
Rabbitstopline of the rabbit (head to rear)
Durvet IvermectinORALLY: Small pea size amountMED109
HomeoPet Wrm ClearAs directedMED284
SafeguardORALLY: Small pea size amountMED222
Bacterial EnteritisMucous covered stoolsProvide your rabbit with a LA-200 Liquamycin1cc per 5 pounds of body weightMED266
Diarrheahigh-quality, high-fiber Oxytetracycline (Broad(sub-cutaneous injection)
Bloatingdiet. Choose the diet Spectrum Antibiotic)
Teeth Grindingappropriate for the life Indicated in the treatment
Loss of Appetitestage of your rabbit to of bacterial enteritis (scours)
Weight Lossensure adequate fiber caused by Escherichia coli;
Dehydrationintake, and avoid high pneumonia caused by
simple-carbohydrate foods Pasteurella multocida; and
such as excess corn. Allow leptospirosis caused by
free access to high-quality Leptospira pomona
hay sources.
These symptoms are parallel to Coccidiosis. Please consult your exotic vet
Skin IrritationsRed SoresHomeoPet Hot SpotsApply to affected areaMED286
Flakey SkinHomeoPet Skin and ItchApply to affected areaMED287
Hair Loss from chewing or
Licking (not mites)
Urinary SupportIncontinence HomeoPet Leaks No MoreAs directed by weightMED285
Dried Cranberries2-3 per DayTRT143
Urine Odor Control Dr. Cheek's YQ+0.5 oz-1.0 oz per head per dayFD183
Rowe Gold Plus+ Supplement1-2tsp per dayFD163
Wry Neck/E. Cuniculi - Head Tilt (Panacur Rabbit is a suggested over the counter aid)
Gasto Intestinal Stasis (GI Statis)
Bacterial Enteritis UPDATED 2/22/23
Always keep in mind that the advice and recommendations that we give you are from our rabbit breeder experience and not the same advice that a
veterinarian or others may give you. As we are not veterinarians, any medical advice given is not intended to be a substitution for proper veterinary care