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These items aid in the reduction of sore hocks......treat your bunny to a fun place to rest!
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EZ Floor Resting Mat Peter's Rabbit Grass Mat Heart Shaped Cavy Bed
EZ Floor Resting Mat
Our Price: $2.95

Heart Shaped Cavy Bed
Our Price: $8.95
Peter's Rabbit Grass Bed Colorful Play Tunnel More Colorful Play Tunnels
Peter's Rabbit Grass Bed
Our Price: $9.95

Colorful Play Tunnel
Our Price: $9.95
Peter's Grass Cave Ware Best Buy Bungalow Super Pet Color Nest Wove Mat - Large
Peter's Grass Cave
Our Price: $11.95
Ware Best Buy Bungalow
Our Price: $12.95
Super Pet Color Nest Tunnel Hideaway - Large K&H Pet Products Small Animal Heat Pad Ware Critter Timbers Bark Bungalow
Ware Rabbit Den K&H Pet Products Small Animal Heat Pad
Ware Rabbit Den
Our Price: $23.95