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Medical Supplies are a must have in your rabbitry for everyday mishaps! It is also better to have them on hand rather than waiting for the mail :)
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BD Alcohol Swabs - Individually Wrapped B-D 1CC Syringe No Needle 3CC Syringe without Needle Regular Tip
1CC Syringe No Needle
Starting At: $0.30

3CC Syringe without Needle
Starting At: $0.40

Preparation of the skin prior to injection. 7% isopropyl alcohol for optimum anti-bacterial action. Use as antiseptic skin cleanser before injection. Four-layer wrapper provides air-tight seal which prevents leakage and drying out. Individually wrapped for convenience. Comes individually or a box of 100 Slip Tip Syringe has bold, clear scale markings to assist in making easy and accurate dosage measurements. This thinner and smaller syringe size is easier to control and is perfect for use in dosing rabbits and also used with nursing nipples for feeding newborn kits!
* Provides easy and accurate dosage measurements
* Capacity: 1ml, slip tip
* Sterile
Disposable 3CC syringe without needle
Regular tip

3CC Syringe with 23GA 1 1/2" Needle 22GA x 1 1/2" Needle 20GA x 1" Needle
22GA x 1 1/2" Needle
Starting At: $0.45

20GA x 1" Needle
Starting At: $0.50

Disposable 3CC syringe with 23 gauge 1 1/2"" needle

22 gauge x 1 1/2" Needle. Perfect for vaccines and wormers.

20 gauge x 1" Needle. Perfect for vaccines and wormers.

18GA x 1" Needle 18GA x 1 1/2" Needle 35CC Syringe without Needle
18GA x 1" Needle
Starting At: $0.50
18GA x 1 1/2" Needle
Starting At: $0.50
18 gauge x 1" Needle. Perfect for vaccines and wormers.

18 gauge x 11/2" Needle. Perfect for vaccines and wormers.

35CC Luer Lock Syringe without Needle. Perfect for use with a 20-25GA needle and Lactated Ringer solution for subcutaneous hydration

3ml Dosing Pipette Ag-Tek Neogen Premium Powder Free Nitrile Gloves Mosquito Hemostats - 5" Curved
3ml Dosing Pipette
Starting At: $0.95
3ml Dosing pipettes are perfect for administering medications, rehydration, and nursing small kits!

Comes in 2 sizes - Pkg of 6 or Pkg of 25
Lightly powdered nitrile gloves provide all the features of more expensive nitrile gloves at an economical price. Comes in size Large. Gloves are packed as 6 Pair. Color: Cobalt Economical instrument generally used for any kind of clamping off action. Ring handles allow the operator to open and close the instrument. Stainless steel and autoclavable.
Surgical Scissors - Blunt/Sharp Hemostats - Straight Jorvet Suture Kit for Small Animals
Hemostats - Straight
Starting At: $9.95
Stainless steel construction. 5 1/2" long straight blades.

Stainless steel construction. 5 1/2" long straight blades.

J-91KC Small Animal Suture Kit contain appropriately sized needle and 60" of non-absorbable suture. USP 0 Metric 3,5.
Apprentice Small Animal Vet Kit
All Things Bunnies has created this kit for breeders that have a ton of working medical knowledge about their rabbits, but don't happen to be a veterinarian! As it is for livestock, many people have learned over the years on how to care for their herd themselves with a veterinarians assistance. It is not cost effective to have a herd of rabbits and face going to the vet if one or more of them become ill.