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All Things Bunnies Logo Carabiner Keychain Silver Silhouette Bunny Keychain Guinea Pig Heart Keychain
Guinea Pig Heart Keychain
Starting At: $7.95
All Things Bunnies Logo Carabiner Keychain Large silver bunny keychain
Bunny is
1.75"H x 1"W
A perfect gift for the Guinea Pig owner and is a match set with the necklace!

Bunny Button Keychains I Love Bunnies Heart Cutout Keychain Bunny with Cutout Heart Keychain
Bunny Button Keychains
Starting At: $8.95
Bunny with Cutout Heart Keychain
Starting At: $9.95

Cute button bunny keychains with different quotes:
Keep Calm and Love Rabbits
Keep Calm and Hop On
Show Me The Bunny
Keep Calm and Pet a Bunny
Keep Calm and Love Rabbits (Purple)
I Love....
Stainless steel keychain. Bunny is 2""H x 1"W Bunny with Cutout Heart Keychain
Size: 1"W x .75"H
Guinea Pig and Carrot Keychain Adorable Hedgehog Keyring Silver Bunny and Beads Keychain
Adorable Hedgehog Keyring
Starting At: $9.95

Guinea Pig and Carrot Keychain. The perfect little gift for cavy lovers!

These cute little hedgehog keychains are made of genuine Mink fur. They come in 2 colors and will be shipped random.
Approximately 2" diameter
Beautiful silver bunny and colorful beads keychain. Made by artist and ARBA Judge Susan Londe
Colorful Enamel Bunny Keychain Make Your Own Custom Bunny Floating Charm Keychain Unique Rabbit Keychain
Unique Rabbit Keychain
Starting At: $12.95

Beautiful enamel bunny keychains come in 5 colors: Blue, Red, Green, Black and Multi
Bunny is 1.9"H x 1.8"W
Be creative and have fun adding crystals and mini charms to your very own floating keychain! Pick your keychain style and then pick your charms.
Beautiful unique rabbit keychains come in 2 colors: Blue and Black
Bunny is 2"H x 1.5"W
Fuzzy Bunny Keychain Real Fur Rabbit Keychains
Cute fuzzy bunny keychains come in 2 colors - gray and white. Size: Bunny is 3.5" x 3", Strap is 5" long
These VERY soft rabbit keychains are perfect for your purse, backpack, luggage, keys and more! Size: 6"x4"x3"
Comes in 15 colors: White, Black Gray, Beige, Purple, Blue, Pink, Light Blue, Dark Gray, Brown Frost, Cranberry Frost, Black Frost, Purple Frost and Rainbow!