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Bene-Bac Plus Burns Meadow Mix for Rabbits - 100g Pro Bios 30gm Syringe
Bene-Bac Plus
Starting At: $5.95

Pro Bios 30gm Syringe
Starting At: $9.95
Bene-BacĀ® Plus PetAg
Now with FOS and probiotics. A palatable, concentrated source of live naturally occurring digestive bacteria found in the intestinal tract. For any time an animal experiences stress from changing nutritional or environmental conditions such as antibiotic therapy, post surgery, birth, weaning, worming, or traveling.

Burns Meadow Mix is a unique mix of herbs and wild flowers which can be used as a healthy, complementary treat for your rabbit. It is high in fibre and contains aromatic herbs to make it extra appealing. A great aid to support healthy digestive function. A source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms given to help maintain a healthy microbial balance during times of stress such as birth, weaning or other diet change.
Immunize for Show Rabbits & Cavies Conklin Fastrak Nonruminant Gel - 32ml Tube Beaphar Tummy Care - 100ml
Beaphar Tummy Care - 100ml
Starting At: $12.95
Helps increase natural immunity. Fights both viral and bacterial infections.

Paste - 15cc and 100cc
Pelleted - 30-ounce, 5.625-lb bag, 25-lb pail, and 50-lb pail
Help stabilize animals' digestive systems by supporting their appetite and immune system. Beaphar Tummy Care is a carefully formulated product that is designed to be gentle on the stomach and help support digestion and fluid intake. Aids digestion and improves fluid intake. For use with Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Rats
Probiocin Gel - 15g Syringe Rosewood Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies Protexin Fibreplex For Rabbits
Probiocin Gel - 15g Syringe
Starting At: $15.95
Protexin Fibreplex For Rabbits
Starting At: $18.95

Live microbiotic gel with strains or Lactobacilli that help establish a balanced intestinal microbial flora in dogs, cats and birds of all ages. Administer orally or on food Highest quality, long strand hay compressed in to easy to feed portions for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. Protexin Fibreplex is a carrot flavored high fibre paste that is quick to work, delivering a concentrated dose of fibre to help return movement to the gut. Fibreplex comes in an easy to use 15ml syringe. Fibreplex contains probiotics to restore the beneficial microorganisms and Preplex - a prebiotic to stimulate the growth of the good bacteria.

Protexin Bio-Lapis Logic Diar-Stop (formerly Diarsanyl Plus) Logic Diar-Stop (formerly Diarsanyl Plus)
Protexin Bio-Lapis is a dandelion flavored, palatable powder for rabbits which can be added to water or food, used to re-hydrate your rabbit or small pet. Use one sachet per day for as long as considered necessary by your veterinarian. To create an isotonic solution add one sachet to 50ml of water. It is also advisable to provide an alternative source of water.
Logic Diar-Stop (formerly Diarsanyl Plus) is an improved nutritional supplement (oral paste) for maintaining long term digestive function and coating intestinal mucosa with the added benefit of prebiotics. 10ML syringe is formulated for animals weighing 4.4-15.4LBS Logic Diar-Stop (formerly Diarsanyl Plus) is an improved nutritional supplement (oral paste) for maintaining long term digestive function and coating intestinal mucosa with the added benefit of prebiotics. 24ML syringe is formulated for animals weighing 15.4-66.1LBS

Supreme Science Selective Mature 4+ Rabbit Food Mr Johnson's Advance Rabbit Food Vetark Critical Care Formula 150g
Supreme Science Selective Mature Rabbit is formulated for the changing nutritional requirements of rabbits aged 4 years and over. This carefully and scientifically chosen blend of high quality ingredients creates a highly palatable diet, which caters for the needs of the older rabbit, ensuring health & vitality later in life. Mr Johnson's Advance Rabbit is a tasty, single nugget diet which contains the high fibre levels that rabbits require to maintain good overall health. This complementary feed eliminates selective feeding and also provides a range of nutrients which all support your rabbit in different ways. The product is a mixture of selected short chain maltodextrins (derived from corn starch) and a protein concentrate supplemented with amino acids. The protein source has been designed to match the constituents of whole egg protein. The product is zero fibre so in herbivores it can be mixed with ground grass products as the animal recovers.
Conklin Fastrak Microbial Pack Protexin Pro-Fibre
Protexin Pro-Fibre 800g
Starting At: $32.95

Use daily to help your animals get the most nutrients through supported feed utilization. Whether top-dressed, mixed into ground feed, or used in TMR, Microbial Pack keeps your production and show animals on track. A palatable high-fibre pellet to encourage normal digestive function in rabbits