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Tendercrisp Celery Seeds Non GMO Heirloom Dwarf Blue Organic Kale Seeds Bunny Tail Grass Seeds
Bunny Tail Grass Seeds
Starting At: $1.95
Use the leafy green tops as filler for indoor bouquets -- it is long-lasting and lovely.
This crisp, refreshing, slightly peppery bite boasts great concentrated flavor.
A must-have for the kitchen garden!

One of the most attractive of all vegetables in the fall garden! Gorgeous low, compact, finely curled blue-green leaves hold their color even in severe cold. Usually stands winter weather with some protection.

The cutest grass out there! Bunny grass is a small clumping grass with soft ivory to white oval flowers.

They have a soft touchable texture that is irresistible to both little and big hands. The blades are a soft green color and 1 to 2 feet long. Unlike many ornamental grasses, hare’s tail grass has thin bendable foliage.

Renegade Hybrid Spinach Seeds Frilly Pansy Seeds Swiss Giant Pansy Seeds
Frilly Pansy Seeds
Starting At: $2.95
Swiss Giant Pansy Seeds
Starting At: $2.95

Widely adapted to all parts of the U.S.

30 days. Such a terrific all-round Spinach that I highly recommend it to all gardeners, Renegade Hybrid is earlier and more widely adapted than many other varieties. It has the sweetest flavor I've ever encountered in Spinach, PLUS great disease resistance and very heavy yields! Talk about having it all!
Your bunny garden will be so beautiful with these pansies!

And...they are edible too! Bunnies love them!

Your bunny garden will be so beautiful with these pansies!
And...they are edible too! Bunnies love them!

Cardinal Organic Basil Seeds Gourmet Lettuce Salad Mix Seeds Dragon Purple Carrot Seeds Organic Heirloom

Gorgeous Red Blooms on Burgundy Stems!

Great for the herb garden and the flowering annual bed!
A stunningly beautiful basil disguised as a Celosia, Cardinal wows you with big spiky blooms of cerise-red atop bright burgundy stems! Fragrant, well-branched, and every bit as delicious as plain old basils, Cardinal is the ultimate edible ornamental, offering something for everyone in the sunny garden!

Comes in a packet of 100

Fast Growing!

Non GMO Packet contains 200 seeds A great addition to any garden....have a salad with your bunny!
Purple skin with bright orange flesh and unusual yellow core

Adored by carrot aficionados for its yellow core and spicy-yet-sweet flavor!
Strawberry Spinach Seeds! Purple Haze Hybrid Carrot Seeds Atomic Red Carrot Seeds
Strawberry Spinach Seeds!
Starting At: $4.95

Atomic Red Carrot Seeds
Starting At: $4.95
A native herb you'll wonder how you ever lived without!

Both the leaves and the berries are delicious! 45 days. Strawberry Spinach is one of the best-kept secrets of the herb world. A native American plant, this annual sets tiny, deliciously tender leaves that can be cooked like spinach or used fresh in salads.

This 2006 AAS Winner is vigorous and easy to grow -- not to mention attention-getting on the plate!

This is the original color of wild carrots, believe it or not!
70 days. What will they think of next?? Here is the first-ever hybrid purple Carrot -- a return to the distant past when wild carrots were naturally purple. Very vigorous and easy to grow, this delicious vegetable will be the centerpiece of your garden and the talk of the neighborhood!

When you dig them up they're pink, but when you cook them, they turn scarlet!

Grow carrots the way our ancestors did! 75 days.
Full of cancer-fighting Lycopene, these carrots look as good as they taste! Super-nutritious and made for cooking, Atomic Red is the most exciting carrot of the season!
Italian Flat Leaf Organic Parsley Seeds Longstanding Organic Cilantro Seeds Bunny Garden Seed Gift Set
Bunny Garden Seed Gift Set
Starting At: $19.95
Plants reach 10 to 12 inches tall.

This Italian flat-leaf is specially adapted for use straight from the garden to the pan!
Now the best Italian flat-leaf is Certified Organic! Specially developed for use as fresh seasoning, the large, bright green leaves arise on 10- to 12-inch plants.
Harvest the leaves (cilantro) and the seeds (coriander) of this versatile herb for varied culinary treats.

This annual herb has an unmistakable strong, sharp scent and taste that has become the staple ingredient in salsa and other Mexican dishes. A member of the carrot family, Cilantro is a very quick grower, but Longstanding is the slowest to bolt of all, giving you extra time to harvest those delectable leaves and seeds
A lovely little gift for some bunny you love!

This cute gift package comes with 6 packages of seeds to start a wonderful bunny garden with.