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AgriLabs Vitamins & Electrolytes "Plus" 4oz Rowe Hydra-Lyte Pro-Defend Aqua-Lyte "Blue" - 2 Sizes
Aqua-Lyte "Blue" - 2 Sizes
Starting At: $8.95

Vitamins & Electrolytes "Plus" from AgriLabs® is a water-soluble nutritional premix contains vitamins, electrolytes, organic acidfiers and naturally occurring microorganisms for use in cattle, swine, sheep, horses, ruminants, poultry and turkeys during periods of stress or reduced feed intake.

Rowe Hydra-Lyte is an ALL-IN-ONE Probiotics - Vitamins - Electrolytes product designed as a nutritional supplement for rabbits to alleviate problems associated with stress, off-feed, high heat and travel Commonly referred to "as the blue stuff". Water soluble electrolytes for use in drinking water for rabbits, small animals and birds. Encourages water intake while replacing lost electrolytes and trace elements. Excellent for times of stress, show and travel. Helps maintain appetite. Comes in 2 sizes: 10oz and 2lb
Bovidr Nutri-Drops for Rabbit & Cavy Heinold Doc's Rabbit Enhancer FL Emmert Show Bloom for Rabbits
Heinold Doc's Rabbit Enhancer
Starting At: $19.95

Nutri-Drops is a premium nutrient rich supplement formulated to rapidly deliver energy and essential nutrients. The patented process increases speed of assimilation and bio-availability. Perfect for rabbits and cavies! Any domestic rabbit owner can benefit from using Doc's Rabbit Enhancer with your rabbit's daily pelleted ration. Doc's Rabbit Enhancer can stimulate your rabbit's appetite, improve good health, provide firm flesh and enhanced fur development, and reduce odor. ShowBloom for Rabbits is a complete protein, vitamin and mineral supplement and conditioner designed for rabbits and cavies. This unique formula includes the same beneficial ingredients as original ShowBloom with the addition of yucca and papaya, as well as a smaller pellet size.